With eyes that don’t see

The blankity blankity blank
is overwhelming

Empty and nothing
not even worth
despairing over

A myriad of unanswered whys
a breath of sighs
that die
before they form.

Inspire, expire.
Inhale, exhale.

The smell of haze
and the dusty feel of it

not heavily, not carelessly, just–
in the air

Waiting Dreaming Hoping Loving

Waiting, waiting
Ever waiting
Waiting till the ends of time

Waiting, waiting
Calmly waiting
For the day you’ll again be mine

Dreaming, dreaming
Nightly dreaming
Of you, with you in normal life

Dreaming, dreaming
Shattered dreamings
Of you, with you as my wife

Hoping, Hoping
Ever hoping
Rightly so, this hope is frail

Hoping, hoping
Futile hoping
Yet it remains so hard to kill

Loving, loving
Unconditional loving
Once in my heart forever there it’ll lie

Loving, loving
Silently yearning
Just like hope, love never dies.