Preemptive strikes

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Many Christians I’ve talked to are worried about what happens after homosexuality is decriminalized and gay marriage is sanctioned. This is a very real motivation for them to strike preemptively and keep homosexuality criminalized.

A lot of church leaders focus on narratives where a cake shop owner or pastor or Mozilla’s CEO are sued or fired for being anti-gay. From their point of view, people should be allowed to choose whether or not to serve a customer based on the sexual orientation of the customer. A lot of my friends are outraged by the idea that laws could be passed to “protect religious freedoms” by legalizing discrimination. Almost happened in Arizona. 

I actually think these shops and services should be allowed to discriminate against homosexuals on the condition that they must hang a yellow star in their shop windows and websites. That way the rest of us will be able…

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One thought on “Preemptive strikes

  1. Well written post, and I like all that I have read this far of your blog posts. Please keep writing, your words and thoughts should be read and shared. 😊

    I am here in Arizona. I contacted our state legislators and our Governor each at least twice to voice my strong opinion that the bill was wrong. My individual voice was not listened to, but the governor realized that the money that the state could lose if professional sports opportunities were lost if the bill became law, and with the voices coupled with a significant loss of money for the state, she finally vetoed it. It is one of the few things she has done right, from my liberal perspective, even though it was for the wrong reason. Money is a powerful motivator.

    My letters were also not just as an individual citizen, but for the first time I used my title of Reverend, gained from American Marriage Ministries and the First Church of Atheism specifically so that when Arizona is forced to accept Same-sex marriage, I will be able to offer my services to perform the marriages, for tips only, at the local courthouse. It is something I feel strongly about and it is my primary focus in life, outside of earning income at my regular job. (Even within my job, I am an ally within the LGBT colleague resource group.)

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