Words are meaningless

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of writing anything; it seems like anything I would have to say would have been said better, more succinctly, more poignantly, by someone else. And when you see it you just feel like pointing to it and going ‘Yes! that! exactly that!’ and there’s absolutely no need for you to add anything else.

Have you ever been in a mood where every song you listen to seems to be speaking directly to your heart? Every line you read seems directed specifically to you? Every wave, smile, wink or comment from a person seems to answer something you have been muling over? It’s a sign. A message. From god, or otherwise.

Words are so limiting, words are so meaningless. Words only mean as much as we let them mean. We give meanings to words, we give them power. And we tend to give them LOTS of power, so I guess words, in the practical sense, aren’t meaningless after all.

To someone who can’t read, they’re utterly meaningless, just squiggles. To someone who has a good command of the language, they could probably ‘read’ any piece of text in any number of ways. Different interpretations, so many possible nuances in between the lines. In certain cases it’s probably more than possible to read in it something that runs completely counter to what the original author intended.

No matter how good you are with words, can you really communicate your innermost experiences to another reader in a way that perfectly reflects your private reality?

We are only individuals, and are always necessarily alone in our own heads.

Whatever our output, it has to necessarily go through someone else’s perception — all of their knowledge, understanding, language skills, life experiences, personality and mood– before if arrives at them. Whenever we see, hear, read something it necessarily goes through the same process. We can’t help but see things through our own eyes, and our own eyes are coloured and tinted. We can’t help that, but once aware of it we can be on our guard to acknowledge its effects and don’t presume to know or understand more than we do.

When you read a text, it can say different things to different people. A simple song can resonate deeply with so many people.

This says less about there being omens, signs and messages form god in the world, and more about the way humans perceive, and how we are all more alike than we are different.

The most meaningful words are the most meaningless, for that can’t be quantified, qualified or proven and yet can be said by anyone at all.

I saw a picture of you hanging in an empty hallway. I heard a voice that I knew and I couldn’t walk away. It took me back to the end of everything; I taste it all, I taste it all…the tears. again.

Outside the rain’s falling down–there’s not a drop that hits me. Scream at the sky but no sound is leaving my lips. It’s like I can’t even feel after the way you touched me. I’m not asleep but I’m not awake after the way you loved me.

I can’t turn this around; I keep running into walls that I can’t break down. I said I jut wander around with my eyes wide shut because of you. I’m a sleepwalker. 

Let me out of this dream. 

Everywhere that I go, I see another memory. And all the places we used to know, they’re always there to haunt me. I walk around and I feel so lost and lonely. You’re everything that I want. But you don’t want me. 

I’m a sleepwalker. Let me out of this dream.

A similar feeling to my Limbo.

4 thoughts on “Words are meaningless

  1. I know what you mean, I recognize my own thoughts in yours. Keep writing and ignore that others might do it “better”. It’s subjective, isn’t it?
    You do it for yourself, for others. It is important, no matter how many has done it before.

    • yup, it’s not about who does it ‘better’, or how many times it’s been said. it’s about… expressing yourself. And knowing that other people express similar sentiments to yours, however they describe it, is usually a positive thing anyway. :)

  2. You might want to give Walter Benjamin a good read. He talks about ‘pure art’ and its expression in the world. Often, words resonate with us, but is it because of the writer or is it our interpretation? When you re-read a book after some time and you realize there’s added meaning to it, has the book changed, or have _you_ changed?

    After all, as you mention, it’s impossible to fully express our emotions and what we’re feeling in such a way that another person ‘feels’ it. They can only understand and interpret it via the words you use to describe it. And it really takes a lot of skill to come close to expressing yourself and letting others in on how you feel. There are only so many words in our vocabulary, and maybe it’s time to make your own. For this, you can try reading Gayatri Spivak. Quite a tough read because of her use of prose to express ideas that the English language does not really yet have the words to fully realize, but it may be one that resonates with your ideas of being understood.

    Sometimes you want others to understand and empathise, but sometimes you might just want to let loose, be yourself and express what you can via words that might not even exist or make sense. Many different emotions exist within us, and if we only use the present vocabulary to put it forth, we might actually shortchange ourselves as a result.

    • “Often, words resonate with us, but is it because of the writer or is it our interpretation? When you re-read a book after some time and you realize there’s added meaning to it, has the book changed, or have _you_ changed?”

      haha EXACTLY that. XD

      thanks for the suggested reads, will check them out. x)

      as for using words that don’t exist… that might just obscure your meaning even more to others, if your intention is to communicate, but i guess it might make you feel better if your intention is merely to express yourself. x)

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