I think I love the wind the best

I think I love the wind the best,
The way it blows against your face.
How it wraps around your body,
Like a lover’s warm embrace.

Whispering sweet nothings,
Or roaring loudly in your ear.
A gentle breeze, so cooling.
Or strong gales you almost fear.

Rustling high up through the leaves,
Or swirling ’em around the ground.
Close my eyes for more wind please,
A smile comes from my frown.

Whipping through now-tousled hair,
Even lifting skirts and dresses.
Playfully scolding: why give so much care?
to prim and proper appearances.

Smells and feels like freedom,
Imagine lifting off your feet.
Carried over kingdoms,
And soaring over streets.

Gusts of love and hope all jumbled,
Feeling safe yet oh-so-small.
Both comforted and humbled,
By the gentle power that touches all.

I think I love the wind the best,
The way it brushes away your tears.
How it envelops all of your body
The way a lover holds you near.